Hook Turn Orchestra

Bond and Beyond sets out to celebrate and reinterpret the music that has always been a defining feature of the James Bond series. It features the memorable tracks that accompanied the films of the psychedelic sixties through to the driving grooves and ballads of the present day. A sumptuous string section will be paired with the more contemporary energy of a rhythm section and vocalist.

To add to the experience a VJ will project a live feed of the performers interlaced with original designs evocative of the Bond eras.

 Bond and Beyond will present wholly original musical arrangements showcasing some of Melbourne’s most talented classical and jazz musicians. Five string players from the MSO will be joined by the talents of David Jones on drums, who is often described both here and abroad as one of the most innovative and musical drummers in the world.

Also joining will be Hue Blanes, who played at last year’s International Jazz Festival to great acclaim and the incredible jazz musicality of Sarah McDonald. The combination of a classical string quartet with a rhythm section opens up unique musical possibilities. Melbourne based classical and jazz violinist Roger Young has created arrangements that seek to re-imagine this wonderful and eclectic music. 

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